New Beginnings at LezDo: Guess Where We’re Headed

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Press Release

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A new chapter begins for LezDo TechMed! Did you hear the buzz?

LezDo TechMed, one of the trusted medical record reviews partners in the U.S, has opened the doors to a shiny new office in Salem on October 2, 2023! The transition from our old office space, this new location is not just a building—it’s a symbol of our growth and our unwavering commitment to Salem and its incredible talent pool.

Our Kulasekharam branches have been a testament to excellence, working tirelessly for thousands of our esteemed permanent clients in the US. The success and reputation we’ve garnered there have been nothing short of spectacular. And now, with our eyes set on the future, we aim to replicate and surpass that achievement in Salem.

The vision behind our new office is multifaceted. Firstly, we aim to offer numerous employment opportunities to the gifted individuals of Salem. The stunning office space, designed with meticulous attention to detail, has the capacity to accommodate around 100 employees. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about providing an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Moreover, recognizing the changing dynamics of work culture, our Salem office will provide night shift opportunities in the upcoming days. LezDo aims at not only accommodating the requirements of our U.S clientele. but also at revolutionizing the professional landscape of Salem.

As we continue on this exciting journey, our focus remains steadfast—innovation in the realm of medical record review. With plans to further expand our presence across Tamil Nadu, the horizon looks promising, and the possibilities, limitless.

LezDo’s strength has always been our team with immense potential and expertise in the field. The collective efforts of every individual drive us forward, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. As we embrace this new chapter, we’re reminded of the timeless words, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Here’s to new beginnings and collective triumphs! Stay tuned to our social media handles for more updates.



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