LezDo TechMed: Embracing Social Responsibility and Nurturing Kulasekharam

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Press Release

Beyond our role as a leading technology company, LezDo TechMed is deeply embedded in the community of Kulasekharam. We consider ourselves not just as corporate entities, but as active citizens dedicated to the sustainable growth of our beloved homeland.

At the heart of LezDo TechMed is a vision that extends far beyond the realms of innovative technology. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement allows us to breathe life into this vision, enhancing the lives of those in our community and the environment we all share.

Our recent initiative, a series of social awareness hoardings across various bus shelters, is just one of the ways we are striving to make a difference.

These hoardings spark dialogue on crucial social issues such as responsible driving, the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, the necessity of rainwater conservation, and the compelling need to refuse plastics. Each hoarding stands as a beacon of awareness, reminding us to strive for a better, safer, and cleaner society.

Responsible Driving: A Commitment to Safety

LezDo fosters a culture of safe and responsible driving among its team members by emphasizing the importance of their well-being and the well-being of others on the road.


The company provides regular reminders and training sessions on defensive driving techniques and encourages employees to prioritize road safety at all times. By acknowledging and appreciating employees who consistently demonstrate safe driving behaviors, LezDo motivates its team to uphold high standards of responsible driving.

Career Roots: Flourish in Your Homeland

A cornerstone of this campaign is our focus on exploring the boundless resources and job opportunities available right here in our homeland. Our mission goes beyond mere business; it extends to the economic upliftment of our community, making use of the talent and resources that exist in our region.


We envision a future where our young generation doesn’t have to leave their homes in search of employment. Instead, we are committed to fostering an environment where they can thrive, contribute, and prosper within their local communities. We firmly believe that by nurturing our local capabilities, we not only bolster our economy but also safeguard the unique beauty and character of our native land.

Nurture the Greenery of Our Native

From biodegradable corporate gifts to eco-friendly office supplies, LezDo exemplifies a new standard of sustainable business practices. We collaborate with local environmental organizations and initiatives to further support the cause.


Planting trees: Growing a greener future

LezDo promotes environmental consciousness by encouraging its employees to engage in tree planting initiatives. We have tree adoption programs, and tree planting kits for employees to plant trees in their local communities, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and conservation within the company.


No alcohol behind the wheel

LezDo TechMed prioritizes employee safety by actively educating its workforce on the dangers of drinking and driving. They conduct regular workshops and seminars, inviting experts to share insights on the risks and consequences associated with impaired driving.


Phone off, eyes on the road

We place a strong emphasis on employee safety by actively discouraging mobile phone use while driving. LezDo conducts regular awareness campaigns and provide educational resources highlighting the dangers of distracted driving. We have a strict policy that prohibits mobile phone use while operating company vehicles or during work-related driving, promoting a culture of focused and responsible driving practices among the employees.


At LezDo TechMed, we understand that our growth and prosperity are intertwined with that of our community and environment. Our endeavors are testament to our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

LezDo extends its heartfelt gratitude to the local community for their steadfast support. We are dedicated to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, and we warmly invite you to join us on this mission. Together, we can foster meaningful change and help Kulasekharam flourish, enhancing the social fabric and preserving the environmental integrity of our homeland.

Here’s to nurturing our future, our homeland, and our youth. Here’s to a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow, starting today. Let’s collectively spread awareness, make a difference, and contribute to a safer, greener, and prosperous Kulasekharam.

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