Exciting Collaboration with the Kuppaiyilla Kumari Movement: Amplifying our Community Service Initiative

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Press Release

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It is with profound enthusiasm and honour that we announce our recent collaboration with the Kuppaiyilla Kumari movement a key partner in our ongoing Voluntary Community Service (VCS) initiative.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to instigate lasting, transformative change within the communities we serve. This partnership with “Kuppaiyilla Kumari” underscores our enduring dedication to nurturing sustainable environments, underpinned by a responsible approach to waste management.

Our collaborative efforts kick off with an enlightening “Walkathon” scheduled for the 8th of July, 2023, at the break of dawn, 6 AM. This event serves a dual purpose: firstly, to publicly inaugurate our partnership and, secondly, to catalyse heightened consciousness about waste management’s indispensable role within the Kulasekharam Panchayat region.


The Walkathon will commence from the well-known Convent Junction, Kulasekharam, tracing a path that concludes at the bustling Kalladimaamoodu Junction. This route, symbolic of our journey towards a cleaner and greener environment, is set against the beautiful backdrop of Kulasekharam, thus capturing the essence of the lifestyle we aspire to protect and promote.

We are honoured to host esteemed guests who have ardently championed environmental conservation in their respective roles. The Honourable Minister Mr. Mano Thangaraj and District Collector Mr. P N Sridhar IAS will grace the occasion with their esteemed presence. Their dedication towards sustainable living and commitment to societal upliftment resonate with our goals, and we believe their participation will significantly amplify the impact of our collective endeavour.


We wholeheartedly welcome everyone in the community to join us on this enlightening journey, irrespective of age or experience in environmental advocacy. The beauty of this initiative lies in its collective nature. Each step we take together in the Walkathon not only symbolises progress but also builds a stronger, more informed community.

In joining forces with “Kuppaiyilla Kumari,” we hope to help shape an informed society that appreciates the significance of efficient waste management. Our aspiration is to drive forward a society where each individual understands their role in preserving the environment, thereby ensuring a healthier, safer future for our coming generations.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can build a waste-free Kumari.

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